About Revival

In 2015, on the heels of their great success with Corner Table, Boemer and Rancone expanded their hospitality group by creating a more casual dining concept with Revival, a restaurant with a menu focused on the beloved Southern recipes that Boemer fondly recalled from his youth. With winning dishes such as tender and juicy fried chicken that has since achieved cult status in Minneapolis, shrimp and grits, Johnny cakes, fried green tomatoes, and seasonal pies, lines began to form around the block. Revival has received wide critical acclaim from both local and national media, including 3.5 out of 4 stars review from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. Today, Revival is still one of the hottest tables in town, and in August 2016, Boemer and Rancone expanded yet again to offer Revival’s fried chicken at a packed concessions outpost at Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium. Capitalizing further on the success of the concept, in December 2016 Boemer and Rancone opened another location of Revival in St. Paul.

We strive to provide genuine hospitality to our guests with food and experiences that provoke nostalgic emotions. Having grown to over 200 employees since forming as Twist Davis Group back in 2013, we value integrity, commitment to excellence, and passion for well-executed cuisine.